Liquidity Locked
10% BURN


Where memes meet friendship in perfect harmony. Step into the world of Pepe, Andy, Brett, Bird Dog and Landwolf!


How To Buy BoysClub


You can set up the Metamask Wallet by downloading it from your phone’s app store or adding the browser extension for desktop use.


Visit and link your wallet to the Ethereum blockchain. Select the amount of ETH you wish to bridge from the ERC20 network to Base. Ensure to retain sufficient funds for covering gas fees.


Go to Uniswap and import the contract address for $boys (Located at the top of the website) to exchange your ETH.


Simply include the $boys contract address in your Metamask Wallet to display your $boys tokens. welcome aboard!


BoysClub's Reviews


Total Supply : 100.000.000 $BOYS TOKEN

1. Liquidity 60.000.000
2. Presale 20.000.000
3. Burned 10.000.000
4. Treasury 10.000.000
4.1 Community Rewards 2.500.000
4.2. Team 2.500.000
4.3. Partnerships 2.500.000
4.4. Marketing 2.500.000


• Launch: Successful project launch with liquidity locked and 10% of total supply burned.✓
• Dex Visibility: Strategic listings on Dex Screener and Dextools, with targeted Dex Screener ads to increase project awareness.✓
• Flooz Partnership: Developed and rolled out allowing purchases directly through our website!✓
• Informational Resources: Publication of comprehensive whitepaper to provide transparency and details on the project's vision and technology.✓
• Exchange Listings: Application submitted for listing on CoinMarketCap (CMC).✓
• Successful listing on CoinGecko✓.
• CEX listing: Successfully listed the USDT to BOYS pair on Dex-Trade✓.
• Community Expansion: Actively developing and organically growing our community.✓
• Marketing Initiatives: Initiating collaborations with influencers to broaden project reach and drive adoption.✓
• Website Functionality: Implementation of a direct purchase option on the project website for user convenience.✓
• Social Media Presence: Created an official Instagram account to enhance community engagement and outreach.✓
• Community engagement: weekly vc’s and AMAs with the community ✓.
• Entertainment: weekly quizzes and giveaways to create a fun and engaging environment ✓

June 2024

• Brand Enhancement: Development of engaging artwork and fan art to foster a vibrant and creative community around the project. ✓
• Brand expansion: Airdrops to all big holders on the full Base chain, as well as boys-character holders on other chains (ETH). ✓
• Community entertainment: creation of branded games with Boysclub as the theme. ✓
• Community engagement: weekly poker tournaments, buy and swap competitions and other events like the Euro 2024 raffle. ✓
• Burning: burning competition (250k burned).
• Security focus: starting the Boysclub Safe Wallet with the shell and first UX development.
• Marketing initiative: Renewing contact with influencers.
• Website: Complete makeover to enhance user experience. ✓
• Twitter: Start hosting X spaces to reach a bigger audience.
• Listing on CMC: Achieving the milestone of getting listed on CoinMarketCap.

• Global Outreach: Establishment of dedicated language driven communities to expand the project's international presence.
• Exchange Diversification: Pursuing additional meaningful decentralized exchange (DEX) listings to enhance accessibility for users.
• Strategic Partnerships: Exploring collaborations with other projects to create mutually beneficial synergies and expand the ecosystem.
• Tokenomics Optimization: Evaluating the potential for a buyback and burn program to enhance the token's long-term value and deflationary characteristics.
• Boysclub Safe Wallet: Adding security features and mapping options for enhanced user safety.

August 2024

• Top CEX listing: Securing a listing on a top 10 cryptocurrency exchange to increase liquidity and accessibility.
• Launch of Exclusive NFTs: Introducing exclusive NFTs for BoysClub members to enhance community engagement and value.
• Crypto Safety: Development of educational resources and workshops focused on cryptocurrency safety and best practices.
• Expansion: Planning to expand towards the SOL network if the Base coin reaches a 100M market cap.
• Mobile App Development: Initiating the development of a mobile application for easier access and management of BoysClub tokens and features.
• Staking Program: Launching a staking program to allow holders to earn rewards and incentivize long-term holding.

Autumn 2024 and onwards

• Establish Ourselves as a Leading Meme Coin: Continue efforts to solidify our position as a top meme coin in the crypto space.
• Community Building: Organize and host community events and meetups to strengthen bonds and foster a supportive environment.
• Exploration of DeFi Opportunities: Investigate and integrate decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities to enhance the project's ecosystem and utility
• Education: Start with an educational platform with videos and to host webinars and live sessions to educate the community about cryptocurrency, DeFi, and the BoysClub project.

Founder Whalecobus
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